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A library for managing digital certificates
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 Base IOThe Base class does binary and text IO
 Storage and retrieval of configurationInformation
 Date and TimeA generic Date and Time implementation
 Error handlingA generic Error class that is used across many of SaS libraries
 File and Socket I/OBuffer, file and socket I/O operations
 Get a password
 Reports and document generatorThese object minipulate nroff/troff documents to generate predesigned reports
 Report and Error Logging
 Networking related informationThis set of objects wraps (struct hostent), (struct servent), and basic IP and networking methods
 Text parsingThis obeject set is used to read in and parse text files
 Synchronous and Asynchronous I/OThe Poll object wraps poll(2) with asynchronous I/O
 Priority based QueueTODO
 Process and Program control.These objects does program management starting, stoping, waiting, and exit status collection in an OS independent way
 Object serialization base class.A C++ Template, pure virtual base class for SaS serialization of objects as described in: RFC4506
 Manage a TCP client connection.The TcpClient object is designed to help setup and manage TCP client side connections
 Manage a TCP server connection.The TcpServer object is used along with the Poll object
 Manage temporary files.An object for managing temporary files
 Virtual base for object serializationTODO
 iCalendarThis library is a low level API
 VCARDInternet Engineering Task Force /endlink standards:
 Todo List
 Deprecated List