Software and Services, Portable Libraries  2019.Mar.01
A library for managing digital certificates
libSaSCommon Directory Reference


file  Base.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/Base.hpp>"Definitions of base I/O used for serialization.
file  config.hpp [code]
 Configuration file I/O functions.
file  DateTime.hpp [code]
 Date and Time routines.
file  DateTimeCompareOperator.hpp [code]
 Compares DateTime objects.
file  dll.h [code]
 MS specific initialization stuff for DLL's.
file  EmailAddress.hpp [code]
 An object that implements an Email Address.
file  Error.hpp [code]
 Processing of error messages.
file  File.hpp [code]
 Generic buffered IO.
file  getpassphrase.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/getpassphrase.hpp>"Get the password without echoing the characters - text console IO.
file  getppid.h [code]
 "<SaS/Common/gtppid.h>"getppid implementation for OS's that do not have it.
file  groff.hpp [code]
 Process text using the nroff processing set of tools.
file  Guid.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/Guid.hpp>" Global Unique Identifier (GUID) handling.
file  hex.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/hex.hpp>" Convert (char*) to and from hex representation.
file  instance.hpp [code]
 Base class for instance counting objects.
file  IntVec.hpp [code]
file  IpAddress.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/IpAddress.hpp>"This defines an object that represents any kind if IP address.
file  license.hpp [code]
 Client side license implementation.
file  Log.hpp [code]
 Generic message logging routines.
file  mingw.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/mingw.hpp>" Definitions when compiling with MINGW.
file  msgCat2.hpp [code]
 Routines for getting and setting L10N messages.
file  Network.hpp [code]
 Generic network and socket related functions.
file  osver.h [code]
 "<SaS/Common/psver.h>" Definitions specific to various OS's and OS versions.
file  Parse.hpp [code]
 Generic text parsing routines.
file  Poll.hpp [code]
file  pQueue.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/pQueue.hpp>"A queue that allows priority items to be removed first.
file  PreferenceFile.hpp [code]
 An object and methods to get/store Preference data.
file  Program.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/Program.hpp>"Generic OS independent process handing, starting, and stopping.
file  PtrVec.hpp [code]
file  queue.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/queue.hpp>"An implementation of a queue.
file  replaceText.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/replaceText.hpp>"Within a buffer, replace OLD with NEW.
file  search.h [code]
 "<SaS/Common/search.h>"Emulation of the search function for non POSIX systems.
file  Serialize.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/Serialize.hpp>"Serialize functions for IO.
file  String.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/String.hpp>"String manipulation routines for C++
file  StringCache.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/StringCache.hpp>"Cache commonly used strings.
file  StringCompareOperator.hpp [code]
 Compares c-string (char*).
file  strlower.h [code]
 "<SaS/Common/strlower.h>"Convert (char*) to lower case.
file  strupper.h [code]
 "<SaS/Common/strupper.h>"Convert (char*) to upper case.
file  TcpClient.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/TcpClient.hpp>"Perform TCP client side functions.
file  TcpServer.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/TcpServer.hpp>"Perform TCP server side functions.
file  TmpFile.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/TmpFile.hpp>"Temporary file management.
file  Tree.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/Tree.hpp>"Tree data storage.
file  user.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/user.hpp>" Get information about the currently logged in user.
file  VBase.hpp [code]
 Base virtual functions for IO.
file  winWrappers.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/winWrappers.hpp>" Various definitions needed when compiling on Microsoft Windows.
file  XdrSerialize.hpp [code]
 "<SaS/Common/Serialize.hpp>"Serialize functions for IO.