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SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::wx::ServerDialog Class Reference

#include <ServerDialog.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ServerDialog (wxWindow *Parent)
virtual ~ServerDialog ()
bool CertRequired () const
void CertRequired (bool Required)
StringDbHost () const
void DbHost (String &TheHost)
void DbHost (const char *TheHost)
StringDbName () const
void DbName (String &TheName)
void DbName (const char *TheName)
short DbPort () const
void DbPort (short ThePort)
StringDbPrivatePem () const
void DbPrivatePem (String &ThePem)
void DbPrivatePem (const char *ThePem)
StringDbPublicPem () const
void DbPublicPem (String &ThePem)
void DbPublicPem (const char *ThePem)
StringDbUserName () const
void DbUserName (String &TheName)
void DbUserName (const char *TheName)
StringDbUserNamePassword () const
void DbUserNamePassword (String &ThePw)
void DbUserNamePassword (const char *ThePw)
bool TlsRequired () const
void TlsRequired (bool Required)
SQL::DatabaseType Type () const
void Type (SQL::DatabaseType TheType)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::wx::SaSUpnServerDialog
 SaSUpnServerDialog (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id=wxID_ANY, const wxString &title=wxT("SaSUpnAdmin: Database Server Configuration"), const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxDefaultSize, long style=wxCAPTION|wxDEFAULT_DIALOG_STYLE)
 ~SaSUpnServerDialog ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void AcceptButtonClicked (wxCommandEvent &TheEvent)
virtual void DbNameChanged (wxCommandEvent &TheEvent)
virtual void DbPortChanged (wxSpinEvent &TheEvent)
virtual void DbTypeChanged (wxCommandEvent &TheEvent)
virtual void DbUserNameChanged (wxCommandEvent &TheEvent)
virtual void DbUserPasswordChanged (wxCommandEvent &TheEvent)
virtual void HostChanged (wxCommandEvent &TheEvent)
virtual void PemPrivateChanged (wxFileDirPickerEvent &TheEvent)
virtual void PemPublicChanged (wxFileDirPickerEvent &TheEvent)
virtual void TlsChanged (wxCommandEvent &TheEvent)
virtual void UseCertClicked (wxCommandEvent &TheEvent)
virtual void UserCertChanged (wxCommandEvent &TheEvent)
virtual void VerifyButtonClicked (wxCommandEvent &TheEvent)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::wx::SaSUpnServerDialog
wxButton * AcceptButton
wxStaticText * DatabaseNameLabel
wxTextCtrl * DatabaseNameText
wxStaticText * DatabasePortLabel
wxSpinCtrl * DatabasePortSpin
wxChoice * DatabaseTypeChoice
wxStaticText * DatabaseTypeLabel
wxStaticText * DatabaseUserNameLabel
wxStaticText * DatabaseUserNamePasswordLabel
wxTextCtrl * DatabaseUserNamePasswordText
wxTextCtrl * DatabaseUserNameText
wxStaticText * HostOrIpLabel
wxTextCtrl * HostOrIpText
wxStaticText * PemPrivateLabel
wxStaticText * PemPublicLabel
wxFilePickerCtrl * PrivateCertificatePicker
wxFilePickerCtrl * PublicCertificatePicker
wxRadioBox * TlsRadioBox
wxCheckBox * UseCertsCheckbox
wxButton * VeifyButton

Detailed Description

Implementing ServerDialog

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