Portability Libraries  2015.2.0.0
Common Methods and Objects for Platform Independance.
Error Formatting and Print Functions
+ Collaboration diagram for Error Formatting and Print Functions:


EXTERNRT OSBOOL rtxErrAddElemNameParm (OSCTXT *pctxt)
EXTERNRT OSBOOL rtxErrAddInt64Parm (OSCTXT *pctxt, OSINT64 errParm)
EXTERNRT int rtxErrAddIntParm (OSCTXT *pctxt, int errParm)
EXTERNRT int rtxErrAddStrParm (OSCTXT *pctxt, const char *errprm_p)
EXTERNRT OSBOOL rtxErrAddUInt64Parm (OSCTXT *pctxt, OSUINT64 errParm)
EXTERNRT int rtxErrAddUIntParm (OSCTXT *pctxt, unsigned int errParm)
EXTERNRT void rtxErrFreeParms (OSCTXT *pctxt)
EXTERNRT char * rtxErrGetText (OSCTXT *pctxt)
EXTERNRT void rtxErrPrint (OSCTXT *pctxt)
EXTERNRT int rtxErrReset (OSCTXT *pctxt)
EXTERNRT int rtxErrSetData (OSCTXT *pctxt, int status, const char *module, int lno)

Detailed Description

Error formatting and print functions allow information about the encode/decode errors to be added to a context block structure and then printed out when the error is propagated to the top level.