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SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::wx::LoginDialog Class Reference

#include <LoginDialog.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 LoginDialog (wxWindow *Parent, const char *AppGuid)
virtual ~LoginDialog ()
bool CertRequired () const
void CertRequired (bool Required)
bool CreateConfigFile ()
String & DbHost () const
void DbHost (String &TheHost)
String & DbName () const
void DbName (String &TheName)
short DbPort () const
void DbPort (short ThePort)
String & DbPrivatePem () const
void DbPrivatePem (String &ThePem)
String & DbPublicPem () const
void DbPublicPem (String &ThePem)
String & DbUserName () const
void DbUserName (String &TheName)
String & DbUserNamePassword () const
void DbUserNamePassword (String &ThePw)
const char * GetPw () const
const char * GetSafePath () const
const String * Password () const
void Password (const String &NewPw)
const String * Realm () const
void Realm (const String &NewRealm)
bool TlsRequired () const
void TlsRequired (bool Required)
SQL::DatabaseType Type () const
void Type (SQL::DatabaseType TheType)
const String * Upn () const
void Upn (const String &NewUpn)
UpnDBUpnDbHandle () const
bool UsePasswordSafe () const
void UsePasswordSafe (const bool UsePwSafe)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::wx::SaSUpnLoginDialog
 SaSUpnLoginDialog (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id=wxID_ANY, const wxString &title=wxT("SaS UPN Admin - UPN Login"), const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxSize(-1,-1), long style=wxDEFAULT_DIALOG_STYLE)
 ~SaSUpnLoginDialog ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void LeaveUpnField (wxMouseEvent &CmdEvent)
virtual void LoginButtonClicked (wxCommandEvent &CmdEvent)
virtual void RegisterButtonClicked (wxCommandEvent &CmdEvent)
virtual void ServerButtonClicked (wxCommandEvent &CmdEvent)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::wx::SaSUpnLoginDialog
wxStaticText * AdvancedConfig
wxButton * AdvancedConfigButton
wxButton * LoginButton
wxStaticLine * m_staticline1
wxStaticLine * m_staticline2
wxStaticText * m_staticText19
wxTextCtrl * RealmValue
wxStaticText * UpnLoginLabel
wxStaticText * UpnPasswordLabel
wxTextCtrl * UpnPasswordValue
wxButton * UpnRegisterButton
wxTextCtrl * UpnValue
wxCheckBox * UsePwSafeCheckbox

Detailed Description

Implementing LoginDialog

Definition at line 41 of file libSaSUpnDb/Wx/LoginDialog.hpp.

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