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A library for managing digital certificates
SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDbPhotoRecord Class Referenceabstract

A photo name record. More...

#include <SaS/UpnDb/UpnDB.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 UpnDbPhotoRecord ()
 UpnDbPhotoRecord - Default Constructor. More...
virtual ~UpnDbPhotoRecord ()
 UpnDbPhotoRecord - Destructor. More...
bool Add (UpnDbAuthHandle_t Auth)
 Add this object as a new record. More...
UpnDbPhotoId_t GetPhotoId () const
 Get the UpnDbPhotoRecord ID (a read only variable). More...
virtual bool Remove (UpnDbAuthHandle_t Auth)=0
 Remove this record from the UPN database. More...
bool Update (UpnDbAuthHandle_t Auth) const
 Update an existing photo record. More...
bool_t xdr (XDR *xdrs)
 XDR serialize/deserialize this record. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static bool Load (UpnDbAuthHandle_t Auth, UpnDbPhotoRecord &Results)
 Load the record for the named UPN ID The results will be ordered by: last,suffix,nickname,first,middle. More...

Detailed Description

A photo name record.

Definition at line 73 of file UpnDbPhotoRecord.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ UpnDbPhotoRecord()

SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDbPhotoRecord::UpnDbPhotoRecord ( )

UpnDbPhotoRecord - Default Constructor.

◆ ~UpnDbPhotoRecord()

virtual SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDbPhotoRecord::~UpnDbPhotoRecord ( )

UpnDbPhotoRecord - Destructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Add()

bool SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDbPhotoRecord::Add ( UpnDbAuthHandle_t  Auth)

Add this object as a new record.

AuthThe authentication handle to use.
true if added.

Implements SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDbRecord.

◆ GetPhotoId()

UpnDbPhotoId_t SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDbPhotoRecord::GetPhotoId ( ) const

Get the UpnDbPhotoRecord ID (a read only variable).

this records unique database ID.

◆ Load()

static bool SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDbPhotoRecord::Load ( UpnDbAuthHandle_t  Auth,
UpnDbPhotoRecord Results 

Load the record for the named UPN ID The results will be ordered by: last,suffix,nickname,first,middle.

AuthThe authentication handle.
ResultsWhere the data will be saved.
true if found and loaded. Only information available to Auth will be filled in.

◆ Remove()

virtual bool SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDbRecord::Remove ( UpnDbAuthHandle_t  Auth)
pure virtualinherited

◆ Update()

bool SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDbPhotoRecord::Update ( UpnDbAuthHandle_t  Auth) const

Update an existing photo record.

AuthThe authentication handle.
true if saved, false when not allowed.

Implements SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDbRecord.

◆ xdr()

bool_t SoftwareAndServices::Library::UPN::UpnDbPhotoRecord::xdr ( XDR xdrs)

XDR serialize/deserialize this record.

xdrsThe XDR instructions.
true when all worked, else false.

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