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A library for managing digital certificates
SoftwareAndServices::Library::Secure::Qt5::CreatePwSafeDialog Class Reference

A dialog that askes the user for the new password safe password - twice. More...

#include <SaS/Secure/Qt/Qt5/CreatePwSafeDialog.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CreatePwSafeDialog (const char *Guid, PwSafe &Safe, QWidget *Parent=NULL, const char *AppName=NULL)
 CreatePwSafeDialog - Constructor. More...
virtual ~CreatePwSafeDialog ()
 CreatePwSafeDialog - Destructor. More...
void ApplicationName (const char *AppName)
 ApplicationName - Set the application name. More...
int exec (int &Result)
 exec - Wrap exec() More...
bool GetPassword (QString &Pw) const
 GetPassword - Get the entered password. More...

Private Member Functions

void retranslateUi (QDialog *SoftwareAndServices__Library__Secure__Qt5__CreatePwSafeDialog)
void retranslateUi (QDialog *SoftwareAndServices__Library__Secure__Qt5__CreatePwSafeDialog)
void setupUi (QDialog *SoftwareAndServices__Library__Secure__Qt5__CreatePwSafeDialog)
void setupUi (QDialog *SoftwareAndServices__Library__Secure__Qt5__CreatePwSafeDialog)

Private Attributes

QDialogButtonBox * DialogButtonBox
QFormLayout * DialogLayout

Detailed Description

A dialog that askes the user for the new password safe password - twice.

This dialog does not open or create the safe, it asks for the password to create a safe.

See also

password safe dialog. This dialog explains the requirements for the new password safe password, and requires the same new password be entered twice.

Depending on your operating system, it will look something like this:


Definition at line 45 of file CreatePwSafeDialog.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CreatePwSafeDialog()

SoftwareAndServices::Library::Secure::Qt5::CreatePwSafeDialog::CreatePwSafeDialog ( const char *  Guid,
PwSafe Safe,
QWidget *  Parent = NULL,
const char *  AppName = NULL 

CreatePwSafeDialog - Constructor.

GuidThe GUID of the calling application. When NULL, use the users default password safe.
SafeThe password safe object to use.
ParentThe parent object or NULL.
AppNameWhen non-NULL, will show up as the first line of the dialog.

◆ ~CreatePwSafeDialog()

virtual SoftwareAndServices::Library::Secure::Qt5::CreatePwSafeDialog::~CreatePwSafeDialog ( )

CreatePwSafeDialog - Destructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ApplicationName()

void SoftwareAndServices::Library::Secure::Qt5::CreatePwSafeDialog::ApplicationName ( const char *  AppName)

ApplicationName - Set the application name.

Will show up as the fist line of the dialog.

AppNameWhen non-NULL, will display as the first line of the dialog.

◆ exec()

int SoftwareAndServices::Library::Secure::Qt5::CreatePwSafeDialog::exec ( int &  Result)

exec - Wrap exec()

ResultDialog results.

◆ GetPassword()

bool SoftwareAndServices::Library::Secure::Qt5::CreatePwSafeDialog::GetPassword ( QString &  Pw) const

GetPassword - Get the entered password.

[out]PwThe results will be placed here when GetPassword() returns true. When GetPassword() returns false, this value will not be filled in.
true when both passwords match and meet the minimum requirements for a password safe password and the user pressed the "okay" button.

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