Software and Services, Portable Libraries  2019.Mar.01
A library for managing digital certificates
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NSoftwareAndServicesCopyright Douglas Mark Royer
 C__ns_msgThis is a message handle
 C__ns_rrThis is a parsed record
 C_ns_flagdataPrivate data structure - do not use from outside library
 CencryptWrappers for the multitude of other encrypting functions
 CHEADERStructure for query header
 CMainWindowMainWindow - Window object for the SaSPasswordSafe application
 Cns_tsig_keyThis structure is used for TSIG authenticated messages
 CprefsCacheThis is a library private class
 CRealmTreeThe RealmTree class An object to map realms to parent realms, and to GUI objects
 Csas_version_typeThe type of version
 CtzheadEach file begins with
 CtznameAn RFC-iCalendar implementation of TZNAME property
 CUpnCompanyAn object that identifies a company
 CUpnContactRecordAn object that identifies a contact
 CUpnListItemThe UpnList class An object to map UPNs to parent realms, and to GUI objects
 CUpnSiteAn object that identifies a site