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A library for managing digital certificates
BaseValueType.hpp File Reference
#include <SaS/Common/String.hpp>
#include <SaS/iCalendar/iCalendar.hpp>
#include <SaS/iCalendar/iCalError.hpp>
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class  SoftwareAndServices::Library::iCalendar::BaseValueType
 All (almost all) values are derived from this base class. More...


 Copyright Douglas Mark Royer


typedef vector< BaseValueType * > SoftwareAndServices::Library::iCalendar::BaseValueTypeVec
 An array of BaseValueType objects. More...

Detailed Description

Doug Royer / SoftwareAndServices

This is a class and interfaces in C and C++ that represents calendar BaseValueType data. It is designed to be compatible with RFC-iCalendar, RFC-iTIP, RFC-iMIP, CAP, and current WebDAV and CalDAV calendars.

Definition in file BaseValueType.hpp.

Typedef Documentation

◆ BaseValueTypeVec

An array of BaseValueType objects.

Definition at line 270 of file BaseValueType.hpp.